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Today I bring you THE MOST irritating/upsetting/disappointing information in regards to makeup, and essentially the products that started this blog. If you did not already know I am a huge makeup junky. I am addicted and I am not looking for an intervention (despite attempts by my twin sister) but these foundations I have tried may have pushed me over the edge, and I am seriously considering that I may need to chill down with my love for cosmetics.

So to get started I will be honestly review YSL Fusion Ink Foundation and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation. I tried both of these for a long period of time so that I could give an honest review (approximately 4 months each with months in between). In short these were THE WORST foundations I have ever tried! Let me tell you why with a beauty breakdown.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation($60)

This foundation was everything that I wanted. Light weight, unnoticeable feel, good coverage, supposed oil control, and the color matched beautifully. At the time of wearing this foundation my skin was totally clear of acne and I did not have any scarring. I used the foundation just to add a nice sheen to my skin, and secretly I was so proud that I no longer needed much coverage on my clear skin. At first, the foundation was perfectly fine. Th only thing I did not like was that the foundation wreaked of a potent chemical smell. However, after a few uses I noticed red marks on my skin and I started breaking out on my cheeks. I thought that maybe it was due to hormonal changes or even stress (I wanted to deny that this $60 investment could be devastating my skin), but I soon realized that this was causing me to break out after my twin sister tried the same foundation on her skin and had the exact same reaction. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my twin sister and the destruction of her porcelain complexion I think that I may still be trying to lie to myself about this particular foundation.

Before and After (Taken on iPhone 5 no face makeup)

The proof is in the pudding….

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation($47)

I tried this about two months after the YSL disaster. I gave my skin time to breathe and heal so that I could try to start off with a clean slate. I was told that this foundation would provide coverage and oil control and would not cause break outs. The consistency was much thicker than the YSL foundation and did provide great coverage…but then bad luck struck again! Not only did I break out, but this foundation irritated my skin so bad that I had red patches on my skin. The formula was not sitting well with my skin and I learned my lesson from YSL. I did try to stick with my rule and use this for four months to see if there would be a change but it just made my acne prone skin worse, much like the YSL foundation. The consistency of this foundation is far too sticky and caky for my preference, and I felt like it suffocated my skin (which it probably did). The color did match well and the first hour or so of wearing it was great, but it quickly degrades with oily skin throughout the day and becomes a bit of a mess. I felt like I was wearing an oily/cosmetic mask on my face which is NEVER the result I want to achieve!


Unfortunately my skin is still trying to recover from the irritation these foundations have caused me despite discontinuing both for 3 months now. I did return both to Sephora where they were purchased and received a full refund. I just wish my face could return to its original state.

Learn From ME: Before purchasing expensive face makeup try a sample. This will save you money and stress! Also be sure to look at the ingredients!

Here are a list of known ingredients that cause irritation:

  1. Alcohol
  2. Fragrance
  3. Sulfates (Ammonium and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates)
  4.  Avobenzone (found in SPF foundations)
  5. Talc (which I just learned is closely related to the carcinogen asbestos)
  6. Mineral Oil

This list keeps on growing and as you get to know your own skin, you will be able to determine for yourself what works for you and what doesn’t. For me, I learned that these ingredients did not suite my skin type and I make a conscious effort to avoid them. And as you get to know your skin, you become steps closer to achieving clear skin!


Xoxo Caitlyn

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