The Downside To Dairy


Believe it or not dairy products might be causing you to break out. Why? Added hormones.

My dermatologist brought this to my attention approximately 3 years ago when I was complaining about my unforgivable skin. At this time I was on an anti-biotic and an oral contraceptive, but had little to no relief from my impossible skin. She asked me how much dairy I consume daily, which at the time I felt was an odd and somewhat ‘out of the blue’ question. After thinking about it I realized I consume dairy every day, mainly from my protein shakes for running,  and she suggested I cut it out of my diet and supplement it.

Cutting dairy from my diet was an unexpected struggle, since at the time I was only 103lbs at 5’4″ and the protein shakes were the only thing keeping me above 100lbs. However, with a little ingenuity I managed to cut back the dairy by substituting  hummus and avocados with protein shakes and yogurts.

Fast forward a few months: My skin was significantly improved because the flare ups diminished and the red marks stopped developing.

So what is it about dairy that may be causing your skin to react?

Answer: Dairy contains growth hormones and inflammatory substances that clog your pores, irritates your skin, and thus causing acne.

Think about it this way: Every time you eat dairy you are subjecting your body to endure puberty again.

Why: Milk’s natural function was to help baby calves grow to be healthy adults. As fully grown humans that do not need help in growth, we are eating these growth hormones found in dairy which overwhelms our system and causes breakouts.

If you have persistent acne that seems to remain despite treatment, I would suggest thinking about how much dairy you consume and maybe even write it down. Include the creamer in coffee, milk in cereal, ice cream, etc. Perhaps this is what was causing you to break out all along!

By cutting dairy from my lifestyle, my skin has visibly improved. The trick to achieving a lasting clear complexion is to get rid of skin aggressors.  As you get rid of one more aggressor to your skin, you become one step closer to better skin health!


I hope you found this article helpful, and let me know what you think as always!

Xoxo Caitlyn


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  1. July 7, 2016 / 1:30 pm

    Never thought of it that way, and I like milk in my tea. And my protein shakes. And my oatmeal. Stupid early 30s breakouts…

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