Beach Chic Summer Look


Summer really is my season. I thrive in the warm breeze and sandy dunes which hallmark this season. Conditioner is switched out with sea salt, bras are switch with bikinis, and stress melts away with my green tea ice cream. The summer season makes me feel more alive and brings out the best Caitlyn there is. I go from running along the midtown west streets catching a cab to running along a beach catching nothing but my breath at the end! The easy going summer life I embrace is also a fun time to switch up my style. Nothing screams summer to me like swapping skinny jeans for a sundress.

More often than not I am in a bathing suit running from paddle board yoga class to the pool, and then to the beach. My inner New York City fashionista could not let me leave without looking somewhat put together. I call this effortless fashion-which it really is!

The three main points of looking good head-to-toe no matter what season are shoes, fit, and accessory. For summer you can look good (which you already do naturally, love) by sticking with a minimalist scheme. Pick a swimsuit that compliments your body, in your favorite color, and make sure it is the right fit!

I chose this red bikini because it makes me look tanner and the floral print screams tropical summer. Also, I can’t help but feel incredibly confident and sexy in red. Admittedly…I have absolutely no chest from my time running long distance but the cut of the bathing suit helps accentuate what nature gave me!

Although black seems anti-summer, it is very timeless and helps tie every piece together. I chose a black sun hat and black sandals as accessories because they don’t clash with the red in my bikini. Whenever I wear a big black sunhat and shades I always feel mysterious and chic, which is what I aim for when I step out of the house.

Accessories are a great way to tie an outfit together but also to help protect from sun damage. A sunhat helps protect the scalp, face, and ears from burning, which in the long run can cause sun damage, premature aging, or even skin cancer.

I personally love these Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses, so much so that I bought a second pair just in case. These are my go to glasses when I want to look classic yet fierce. These shades fit and frame my face perfectly, which I can appreciate since cat eye glasses are really hit or miss. See, sun protection can be sexy!

No matter where I go or what I do I like to wear a character piece. This is something that I keep on me to remind me to stay positive, centered, and true to myself. My mother bought me a hamsa necklace and bracelet set early this summer when I was going through a tough breakup and a bad roommate situation. The hamsa is the hand of protection in yoga but has a variety of meanings depending on the culture. I absolutely adore this little piece of jewelry and wear it daily. When times get tough or I feel stressed I look at my necklace or bracelet to remind myself how far I have come and that I have strength. I also love how delicate and minimalistic it is!


I hope you enjoyed this Fashion Edit and learned a little bit more about me! As always comment, like, and follow for more from me and I would love to hear about what your style staples are during the summer!

Xoxo Caitlyn


Bikini: H&M

Sandals: H&M

Hat: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs 350 Sunglasses



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