Sheet Masks 101: What They Do & How To Use Them

Sheet masks are a current obsession in the skincare community, and it is easy to see why. They’re easy to use, mess free, and effective. No matter what your skin issue is there is bound to be a sheet mask that targets your concern.

Sheet masks are typically made of cotton that are completely drenched in vitamin rich serums and essences. They differ from the traditional masks because they don’t treat deep down into your skin, but instead add vitamins instead of medicines that absorb into your pores.


I like to use sheet masks to boost hydration and radiance on the days my skin seems dull and is flaky from either too much sun or medicine. It is important to note that these masks can’t treat skin problems such as acne and rosacea and should not take the place of essences and serums that treat these conditions. However, they are a great choice to boost your skin!

I have a large assortment of sheet masks that vary in their ingredients and what they do for the skin. I usually go for brightening, tightening, clarifying, and pore minimizing masks because of my skin concerns.

Face masks retail anywhere between $1 to $15 depending on their ingredients and brand. I chose to use the Face Shop because of the assortment and Buy 10 Get 5 Free sale.

Face Mask

How To Use:

Start with a clean and toned face

Remove mask from package and unfold

Apply mask to face making sure to fit it

Pat face to ensure absorption

Leave for 10-15 minutes then remove


Your skin should feel very refreshed and will look visibly brighter. For a more cooling sensation, I like to put my masks in the fridge so that when I apply them they calm my face (Almost like ice rolling).

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