Cover FX Foundation Review

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation is simply my favorite foundation because it is the best I have ever used. It is full coverage, contains anti-aging benefits, has an SPF, and most importantly doesn’t break me out. The finish is natural and the match is perfect – it never looks like I am wearing anything!


(Taken on iPhone 5s)

As you can hopefully see in the above photo, the Cover FX foundation is flawless on me, even in direct natural light. What I love about this particular foundation is that it doesn’t feel heavy yet it covers my PIH and it is not ‘cakey’.

To apply it I use the sponge that came with it to make a more flawless and even coverage. I highly suggest setting this foundation with powder, otherwise the cream will remain moist and you will lose out on the staying power. I typically get around 6-8 hours of wear without blotting it but I always make sure to set it after application. No matter what cream foundation you decide to use I always suggest setting it, otherwise it will transfer on clothes.


(Myself on left with my sorority sister Malvina)

This photo was taken approximate 7 hours after I applied it. As you can see the foundation is still flawless and my PIH is not visible. At around 8 hours I needed to blot because I got shiny (But keep in mind NY was in a heat wave and the recorded outside temperature in NYC was 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

This Cover FX Foundation is my go-to for a night out on the town and here are the specs to explain why…

At a Glance:

Medium to full coverage

Easy to blend

Natural Finish

SPF & Anti-Aging formula

ZERO irritation factor

Need to Set (especially under eyes)

Long wear

What I find interesting about Cover FX is that it got its start by producing cosmetics for individuals who suffered from burns to their body. The company makes sure that the cosmetics they make have an irritation factor of zero so that these individuals who have sensitive skin do not react to the formulation. This is a huge draw for myself because as you know from this post, foundations have caused my skin to break out in the worst way.

I hope you found this post informative and helpful, and if so make sure to like and follow my blog! Comment below what foundations you love or if you have tried this!

Xoxo Caitlyn


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