Your Dermatologist Might Be Sabotaging Your Skin

The title sounds terrifying and rightfully so. How can anyone think that a dermatologist can sabotage your skin when they are trained to do the exact opposite?! Well, believe it or not it does happen and I am living proof. Let me start off by saying that I am pro medical professional, they exist for a reason. I like my dermatologist, and at one point I even wanted to be one. But you should really consider whether seeing your dermatologist is  benefitting you. And you can make this decision by simply looking in the mirror.

I have gone to the dermatologist since I started breaking out approximately 10 years ago. As some of you may know from personal experiences with acne, many dermatologists use the same “remedy” of topical medications and antibiotics. You might recall some improvement and then what seems to be a sharp decline. You then run to the dermatologist, tell him or her your complaints, and then you are put on a different antibiotic and topical medicine. And so goes the cycle…

This was my ritual and I continued with the cycle up until I realized that something was not only off but something was actually wrong. I am a young adult far past puberty and hormonal acne, yet I am still fighting the same struggle that my 15 year old self did. My dermatologist was unable to assuage my problem, and it seemed that no pairing of medication could possibly help me. That was until I stepped out of the box.

I went to a plastic surgeon who had an aesthetician look at my face and interview me about my lifestyle. We covered every inch of my life from daily meals and what I use on my skin, to workouts and levels of stress. As she questioned me her eyes scanned my problem areas from under a magnifying lens. It took no more than a few minutes for her to look me straight in the eye and tell me “You’re gluten intolerant”.

I was taken back a bit, her statement seemed to come from out of nowhere. She explained that gluten sensitivity is common and was most likely causing the acne isolated on my cheeks. She explained that the antibiotics were killing whatever good and bad bacteria I had left (after ten years of use) in my digestive system which was making my skin and health much worse.

I immediately stopped all of my acne medications, stopped eating gluten, and started taking a probiotic to promote healthy bacteria in my stomach and to ultimately make me healthier internally. I never thought that my dermatologist could be overlooking an underlying cause to my acne, and even making it worse.

After a week of absolutely no gluten my skin healed and I experienced absolutely no breakouts (even without medications). This was the quickest my skin ever healed and I am happy that I looked for help in a different place!

If you want different results then you need to use a different method.

I believe that for some people oral antibiotics are an effective choice, but in treating chronic acne there is usually an underlying problem that needs to be addressed and this can only be done by seeking other help.

Here are a list of common medical & nutritional issues that cause acne and information on antibiotics




Doubts Raised Over Antibiotics

I really hope this helps those of you who feel stuck in your skin and frustrated with your skin health. Please comment below about any thoughts or what you would like to see from me and of course follow me for more to come!

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