My name is Caitlyn and I am the founder and writer of TheSkinEdit! For many years I have struggled with my sensitive skin that has a tendency to break out. On my quest for clear, bright, and beautiful skin, I realized that a lot of information was circulating (and not all of it was honest), which resulted in overwhelming confusion and a feeling of hopelessness. The extensive amount of information lead me to creating a blog based on the facts about skincare and what I personally found worked towards promoting a healthier complexion. TheSkinEdit is aimed at debunking myths about skincare and showing you the real facts about what really helps promote healthy, clear, and beautiful skin! Throughout this blog I will be sharing with all of you how I am clearing my skin, step by step, trial by trial.

Let the journey begin!

Fun Facts About Me:

My twin is my rock

I own the sweetest dachshund in the world

I am studying Fashion Law

Currently living in NYC

German speaking

Yogi – all day every day

I love dance

My favorite color is emerald green